ABS Plastic Sheets Large Size


Now available! 1 meter X 2 meters X 3mm thick. (3.28ft, X 6.56ft. X 0.118 inch thick)

We've been receiving a lot of requests for a bigger sheet size from fabricators with vision on a grander scale, so here it is.

Attention fabricators, customizers, modders, DIYers, and even cosplayers: Add a new dimension to your repertoire of materials with our new ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic sheets. Set yourself apart from your competition by breaking away from the monotony of repetitive, cookie-cutter designs. Build brackets, bezels, panels, shrouds, mounting panels, and a whole slew of other molded parts when vacuum forming. Overall, a great material to use for your bespoke or mass reproduction builds.

Anyone with the gumption to do so could repop discontinued parts and earn a pretty penny.Apply heat of 90 to 100 Celsius to bend/shape.


-One side textured (haircell type pattern), one side smooth for project versatility.

-ABS works better than fiberglass in some applications because of its flexibility and ability to withstand impact. (It gets crushed or bends as opposed to shattering/cracking).

-Available only in black.

No waste

Even your scrap pieces and shavings of ABS can be used. Mix with 100% acetone to create ABS juice, glue, or slurry; depending on the consistency needed. Use the juice or glue to adhere and mend broken parts, while the slurry works great to repair and reinforce cracked bumpers, damaged fairings, brittle interior parts and the like. There are many videos on vacuum molding/forming and ABS juice/glue/slurry on the internet.


PhP5,200 for 1 sheet (1meter X 2meters X 3mm thick)

More than 1 sheet: PhP4,160 per sheet


-Only selling the ABS plastic sheets. We do not sell vacuum/ thermoforming machines, or provide any vacuum forming services. If you want to build your own, there are quite a few videos on the internet on this subject. (Could be a profitable business for those with initiative).

-To cut, use an acrylic cutter to score, then break. A jigsaw with a metal or plastic cutting bit may also be used, but take breaks because friction will melt the ABS and cause the bit to bind.

-May be sanded to deburr and polish off edges.

-We do not offer cutting services.

-Local pickup or lalamove/transportify within Metro Manila is fine (You will need to book a large van or truck for this). Contact us for orders outside Metro Manila.