PB-003 BATTERY BOX by The Garage Manila


Feel like roughing it out in the wild but can't live without some creature comforts that require power? Make your life easier by bringing along your own battery box. Think of it as an oversized power bank, that accepts car batteries up to 3SM in size. That's a lot of power that does not take away from your car battery, making sure you get home safely without having to leave your car running all night. I'm sure mother nature will appreciate the gesture.

Hook up an Anderson connector (available from Cable Control) in your car to recharge your battery box on the trip home or get yourself a solar powered trickle charger to get free juice from the sun. Can also be charged with a car battery charger when you get home if you have one. Works best with deep cycle batteries.

Our model PB-003P features a built-in 500 watt, 220v pure sine wave inverter that you can use to power certain appliances, as long as their power ratings are within 500 watts.

Inverter Specifications:

Continuous power: 500 watts

Peak power: 1000 watts

Input voltage: 12 volts DC

Output voltage: 220 volts AC

Output waveform: Pure sine wave

Average efficiency: >=90%

Working temperature: -25 to +50C

Low voltage protection: 9.5V (buzzer will ring)

Over voltage protection: 15V (buzzer will ring)

Over temp protection: 75C (buzzer will ring)

Overload protection: 110 to 115% (buzzer will ring)


1X 500 watt pure sine wave inverter (220 volts output)

1X marine grade dual usb charger (1amp and 2.1amp)

2X marine grade power outlet

1X led light with switch

1X voltmeter

1X main power switch

2X Anderson connectors for charging purposes

1 pair screw down wing nuts for charging purposes

Push-pull dual fan system

Fuse protected

Strap and brackets included


PhP11,200 per piece


-Very important, do not get battery box wet or you may receive the shock of your life. This may result in damage to the inverter.

-Also, make sure polarity is followed carefully when charging. Do not reverse the wires' polarity or sparks will fly and your battery or charger may end up as an expensive pile of smoldering caca.

-Battery and battery charger are not included.

-Please refer to pictures for dimensions.

-Battery terminals are not included. Wires are terminated with ring terminals.