DOT-C2 REFLECTIVE TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes


Geckko's new High Intensity Grade DOT-C2 Reflective tape is ideal for adding safety to your truck, van, trailer, motorcycle, RV, or boat. Lord knows how many accidents happen daily due to poor visibility at night.


DOT means it is approved for use by the United States Department of Transportation, which criteria checks color, reflectivity, construction, and measurements. C2 means its width is certified at 2 inches. C3 being 3 inches, and C4 would be 4 inches width.

This tape has an acrylic based adhesive, making it waterproof and good for outdoor use.


PhP1,250 per roll

Each roll is 5cm wide X 30 meters long


-Clean surface well before applying the tape for best results

-Kindly refer to pictures for technical data.

-Before you get into a kerfuffle over adhesion issues, please note that this tape has a release paper on the back. Cut to length first then remove release paper and stick the tape as you go.