DECORATIVE TRIM TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes


A quick and easy way to add a bit of style and elegance to your projects. Simply cut, peel and stick. Adheres well to flat, smooth surfaces and will work for indoor or outdoor applications (waterproof once applied). Available in gold and silver colors.

Some Uses:


Arts and crafts

Furniture and woodworking

Devices and appliances

Technical Data:

Size: 5mm wide X 50 meters long (0.196 inches wide X 164 feet long)

Thickness: 0.12mm (0.0047 inches)

Material: Metalized PVC film

Adhesive: Acrylic

Peel strength: 550g/mm

Adhesive force: >0.8 kgf/25mm

Initial tack: 800 gf/mm

Holding power: >12 h/kg


PhP90/ roll

Bulk pack: PhP1,440 / 20 rolls (any mix of colors)


-Clean surface well before applying for best results. Make sure to remove dust and grease for best adhesion. Also, make sure surface is completely dry before application.

-Works great for straight lines. This material will not bend sideways for curves or corners.


-Does it stick to rubber? It will at first but won't stay on for long.

-How thick is it? As posted, 0.12mm, or about the thickness of a potato chip foil pack

-Can I use it on my floor tiles? Yes. May also be used on floor tile grout areas, but only if the grout is smooth and clean. Also works on bathroom tiles, although lifting may occur on the grout areas over time.

-Will it stick to (insert random surface here)? It sticks best on smooth surfaces like glass, metal, smooth plastic, finished wood, etc. If it is rough like unfinished concrete or textured surfaces then it will only NOT stick well, but will also not look good.