GLOW IN THE DARK ESCAPE TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes


Geckko's new Glow In The Dark (photoluminescent) Escape Tapes are perfect for marking emergency exits in the event of power outages, fires, earthquakes, and other unforeseen disasters. Protect yourself, your loved ones, employees, tenants, or guests from these dangers and give them a fighting chance to flee to safety. Also a cost effective way to bring your building, factory, or establishment up to safety standards.


-Self adhesive

-PVC laminate top layer for easy cleaning over time with damp cloth

-No power needed

-Will self charge as long as exposed to sunlight or room lights

-Photoluminescence will last for 2 to 6 hours depending on intensity and duration of charging

Perfect for:


-Condos, Apartments, Residential homes


-Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Auditoriums, Underground parking garages, Basements, Etc.


Factories, Warehouses, Offices, Workshops


PhP600 / roll (5cm X 5meters)

*at roughly 50 segments per roll, that is a cost of just PhP12 per glow in the dark segment

Bulk pack of 6 rolls: PhP2,880 (PhP480 / roll)


-Clean surface well before applying the tape for best results

-Needs to be exposed to sunlight or room light to charge properly. Will obviously not work in a perennially dark room. Works best for lit hallways or cowards like me who sleep with the lights on.