Marine/Automotive Power Cable Tinned OFC


Unless truthfully advertised as OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) wire, there is a big chance that the cheap wire you're buying is CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum) wire. We're taking on a quixotic endeavor, really, by trying to spread the word.

What's the difference? CCA wire is made up of aluminum strands that are coated in copper, making them roughly 40% less efficient than pure OFC wire. What this means is you could buy 1 or 2 wire gauge sizes smaller of OFC and end up with the same conductivity as the CCA wire. 4AWG OFC could equal or surpass 1/0 or 2AWG CCA, and in most cases, it does. If your CCA cable heats up during use, then there's a big possibility that you're losing a lot of power.

OFC is a great conductor but it does have its limitations. Once exposed to the elements, copper tends to oxidize and turn green or black, thus compromising its ability to conduct electricity. (This is why the copper clad Statue of Liberty is green).

To overcome this, we've coated each pure copper strand in a layer of tin. This coating protects the copper from the elements, ensuring great conductivity over many many years. Solder flux just flows on and sticks like hot butter. If you've ever worked with power cable from the 80's and 90's (pre CCA absurdity), then you'll know what I mean. Old schoolers will also remember that real power cable actually used to weigh a lot more than a lot of the wires sold today.

As if that wasn't enough, we've taken our power cables further by protecting them in a silicone sheath. Benefits? Great flexibility, high resistance to oils, chemicals, salt water, and mud. Easy to clean, does not crack easily over time, and has a much broader operating temperature (-60 to +200 degrees C) compared to regular, much cheaper priced pvc. Our power cables are marine grade!

Available in 2 colors (red and black):

18AWG PhP 45/ meter

16AWG PhP 54/ meter

14AWG PhP 80/ meter

12AWG PhP128/ meter

10AWG PhP184/ meter

8AWG PhP272/ meter

4AWG PhP776/ meter

2AWG PhP1,248/ meter


Jacket: Highly flexible silicone

Maximum voltage: 600V

Temperature range: -60 to +200 degrees C, self extinguishing flame resistance

Strand count/ strand thickness, sheath outer diameter:

AWG18 150/0.08 O.D. 2.3mm

AWG16 252/0.08 O.D. 3.0mm

AWG14 400/0.08 O.D. 3.5mm

AWG12 680/0.08 O.D. 4.5mm

AWG10 1050/0.08 O.D. 5.5mm

AWG 8 1650/0.08 O.D. 6mm

AWG 4 5000/0.08 O.D. 11mm

AWG 2 6700/0.08 O.D. 12.5mm


-Price of copper has gone up almost two-fold in the past 2 years. Unfortunately, there is no work-around to that fact cost-wise. It is what it is. Our goal is to make serious, marine-grade power cables available to those that really need it.

-If you're looking for wire that will give uncompromised performance over a lifetime, then this is definitely the wire for you.