RUBBER MAGNETIC TAPE by Geckko Specialty Tapes

Geckko's new Rubber Magnetic Tape is flexible and easily cut with scissors. Features a 3M indoor-outdoor tape backing, making it great for use on all sorts of nifty projects. Your creativity and imagination is the limit!

Pulling force:

1.5mm thickness: 60 grams/ cm2

2mm thickness: 70 grams/ cm2

Available in 3 sizes:

10mm x 1.5mm x 3meters long PhP152/ roll

12mm x 2mm x 3 meters long PhP330/ roll

20mm x 2mm x 3 meters long PhP410/ roll


-Is the magnetic force the same as a regular magnet? No. Because of the rubber element mixed in, it is not as strong as a regular magnet.

-The thicker and the wider the tape used, the greater the pulling force will be. Use more for heavier objects.

-It will stick to metal.

-It will also stick to itself, as long as they are facing opposite directions. If you feel any resistance, simply rotate the direction of the magnetic tape before sticking it on.

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