RUBBER WHEEL CHOCKS by The Garage Manila


Keep your car/van/truck/trailer/light aircraft from rolling off on its own with our new heavy duty military style rubber wheel chocks. Secure tires on both sides for maximum safety against potentially fatal accidents. Comes with a heavy duty 1cm nylon cord so you can easily carry and store your wheel chocks during and after use.

Other features and dimensions are in the photos

Important Note:

Will work for cars, vans, SUVs, light aircraft, and most trucks unless you're carrying a heavy load or parked on an incline past 30 degrees, in which case you may need to double up on your wheel chocks to include other wheels, or, get taller wheel chocks altogether. As a general rule, your chocks are supposed to be a quarter of your wheel height. Example: 36inch tires ideally need wheel chocks that are 9inches tall. Since this may not always be practical, we are simply offering up a substantially better alternative to the proverbial rock or two found on the side of the road.


PhP1,800 per set

One set consists of two chocks connected by 1 nylon cord