Not all wire loom are created equal. A lot of times, the thin, low cost ones you buy from the neighborhood auto supply don't actually provide much protection for your wires and harnesses, and act more as a cosmetic placebo than anything else. For this reason, we at Cable Control decided to create our own.

Made from high quality PP plastic (more resistance to chemicals and organic solvents than the cheaper and more common PE), our split wire loom is thick enough to actually provide protection from abrasion, as well as from open flame because of its self-extinguishing, fire retardant properties.

Available in grey and black color.


-Speakers (fits all standard terminal speakers)


-Switches (perfect fit for OEM Engineering's DIY switches)

-Fuse boxes

4 sizes:

AWG0 PhP70/ meter

Shop pack: PhP2,800/ 50 meter roll (PhP56/meter)

Inner diameter: 17mm (0.67in.)

Outer diameter: 21.2mm (0.83in.)

AWG4 PhP50/ meter

Shop pack: PhP4,000/ 100 meter roll (PhP40/meter)

Inner diameter: 12mm (0.47in.)

Outer diameter: 15.8mm (0.62in.)

AWG8 PhP40/ meter

Shop pack: PhP3,200/ 100 meter roll (PhP32/meter)

Inner diameter: 6.5mm (0.25in.)

Outer diameter: 10mm (0.4in.)

AWG10-12 PhP35/ meter

Shop pack: PhP2,800/ 100 meter roll (PhP28/meter)

Inner diameter: 5.7mm (0.22in.)

Outer diameter: 8.1mm (0.32in.)


Material: Polypropylene PP

Temperature range: -40 to 125 centigrade

Protection: IP68

Flame retardant: VO(UL94), self extinguishing, A level

Properties: Oil resistance, acid-based resistance, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, passed RoHS test