STAINLESS STEEL SCREW COVERS by Geckko Specialty Fasteners


Add some class and sophistication to your projects with our new high quality stainless steel screw covers. Both the cover and locking washer are made of stainless steel to ensure a secure, unwavering fit. Does not scratch easily, and will not chip., unlike most faux chrome plated plastic covers.

Available in 3 Sizes:

M4 PhP500/ pack of 50 sets

M5 PhP750/ pack of 50 sets

M6 PhP1,000/ pack of 50 sets


-Each set includes both the cover and locking washer

-For size reference, the common gypsum/drywall screw will fit the M4 screw cover, unless your gypsum/drywall screw is above average in head size. Also, most license plate screws (allen or Phillips bolts, not hex head) will fit the M6 screw cover. Hex head bolts will fit but you will be unable to tighten it once inside the locking washer, hence, allen or Phillips bolts are necessary.

-Fit is tight, so you will need to press the cover onto the locking washer forcefully, with your thumb, until it levels out.